About Us

For over a decade

Luton Rights is a registered charity and Company Limited by Guarantee and was established in 1982.  It seeks to address the practical, financial and social problems encountered by the unemployed and other disadvantaged sections of the population within the Luton and surrounding areas.

It provides independent, high quality and confidential advice and guidance to its clients. 

As an active member of advice UK, we aim to provide a consistent, professional service based on recognised Quality Standards. 

In 2013 we formed a partnership with Citizens Advice Luton, Luton Law Centre, Luton Irish Forum and Luton Council called Luton Access.  Partners worked together to reconfigure the way advice services are delivered in Luton and streamline the customer journey, the most noticeable aspect of Luton Access was the co-location of advice services into Community House located on New Bedford Road.

Mission Statement

  • To provide high quality, independent advice, support, representation and advocacy on Welfare Benefits, Family Mediation, Immigration and employment support.

  • To socially strengthen unemployed, minority and other disadvantaged people in Luton and surrounding area through awareness of their rights and development of skills and confidence

Policy Statements

Health & Safety

We want you to feel safe and comfortable during the time you are with us; we will ensure that our meeting and interview rooms are safe and regularly undertake risk assessments designed to ensure your safety at all times.  We do expect you to take responsibility for your own safety in our premises. 

If there is anything you are concerned about, please tell us immediately.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

We are committed to ensuring everyone receives fair access to our services and are treated fairly at all times regardless of your ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or employment status.   You should expect us to treat you with courtesy and respect at all times.  We expect you to treat us and other people in the centre with equal levels of courtesy and respect.  If you have any particular needs or requirements so you can access our services please let us know.